About FlaviaNís

FlaviaNis is a slow fashion brand, which "creates" but does not produce clothes and supports responsible local production. We are a young brand with initiative, which relies on fairness, quality and innovation.



We create authentic, bold and timeless pieces for the modern, elegant woman. We want every customer, regardless of age or body type, to be able to find the perfect outfit in the FlaviaNís store, and we ensure uniqueness and attention to detail. Because we rely on the motto "Less is More" and because we don't want you to part easily with our clothes, even after years of wearing them, we devote a lot of time and passion to each piece of clothing.



We use the highest quality materials, we pay attention to details and finishes so that our pieces are part of your wardrobe as much as possible. Our products are made responsibly in Romania or the UK, in very small series or to order because we want to discourage mass production and waste and we rely on the motto "buy less, buy better".



We make sure that every person involved in making our products is treated fairly, with optimal working conditions. We collaborate with small workshops, minimize our carbon footprint and keep everything local. We reduce waste throughout the entire process, from design to production.