Privacy Policy

1. Cookies and similar technologies usage policy

This policy refers to cookies and similar technologies used, as the case may be, in the websites and applications operated by FLAVIAMISS SRL with headquarters in Bucharest, Aleea Parva no. 5, sector 6. This policy is complemented by the website policy regarding the protection of personal data in general which you can find here and the website Terms and Conditions which you can find here, which we encourage you to read. For any question, please contact us at

2. What are Cookies?

"Internet Cookie" (term also known as "browser cookie" or "HTTP cookie" or simply "cookie") is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, which will be stored on the computer, mobile terminal or other a user's equipment from which the Internet is accessed. Cookies are installed if browsing the site is accepted, being a link between the browser user and the website. Users can configure their browser to reject cookies. You can also set your browser to block cookies or display a warning notice before a cookie is stored on your computer. Disabling and refusing to receive cookies can make certain sections/pages impractical or difficult to visit.

3. What are Cookies used for?

These files mainly make it possible to recognize the user's terminal and present the content in a relevant way, adapted to the user's preferences. Cookies provide users with a pleasant browsing experience and support our efforts to offer services adapted to users, eg online privacy preferences, the shopping cart or relevant advertising. They are also used in the preparation of aggregated anonymous statistics that help us understand how a user benefits from our internet pages, allowing us to improve their structure and content, without allowing the personal identification of the user.

4. What cookies do we use?

We use two types of cookies: per session and persistent. Session cookies are temporary files that remain in the user's terminal until the session ends or the application is closed. Fixed cookies remain on the user's terminal for a period determined by the cookie parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user.

5. How are cookies used by this site?

A visit to this website can place the following types of cookies: cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the site analysis cookies cookies for advertising Strictly necessary cookies and/or similar technologies are essential for the proper functioning of the site, being set on your device when accessing the site or following the actions performed on the site, as the case may be.

6. Do cookies contain personal data?

Cookies or similar technologies themselves do not require personal information to be used and, in many cases, do not personally identify Internet users. However, there are situations when personal data can be collected through the use of cookies to facilitate certain functionalities for the user or to offer the user an experience adapted to his preferences. Such data are encrypted in a way that makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to access them.

7. Blocking Cookies

Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies, but you can change the settings to block some or all cookies. If you want to block cookies, some functionalities of the site will be stopped, and this may generate certain malfunctions or errors in the use of our site. For example, blocking cookies may prevent you from: log in to your account shop online If you agree with these limitations and want to block cookies, follow the instructions below.

Choose your browser from the list below to display the instructions you must follow after opening the browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (Windows 7 operating system):

click on the Settings icon (top right)

click on Internet Options

click on Privacy and then choose the options

click Apply and then OK to save your preferences

Google Chrome

click on the wrench icon and select Options from the list

click on the "Advanced Settings" tab

click on Content Settings in the Privacy section

choose the settings you want

click X to close


choose Preferences

click on the privacy panel

choose the settings you want

press X to close Mozilla Firefox

select Tools from the main bar, then Options click on the Privacy tab

choose the settings you want

click OK to close

The above settings are specific to each browser and our company is not responsible for their operation.

8. Third party cookies for social networks?

To enrich the content of our website, we may sometimes embed video content from other social media sites, such as YouTube or Facebook. As a result, when you visit a page with embedded content, you may be presented with cookies from these websites. FLAVIAMISS has no control or responsibility over these cookie sets, so you should check the relevant third party's cookie policy for more information. We also offer a 'Page Share' widget on some of our web pages where content can be easily shared on the following sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. These sites may set a cookie when you are connected to their service. FLAVIAMISS has no control or responsibility over these cookie sets, so you should check the relevant third party's cookie policy for more information.

9. How to control and delete cookies?

FLAVIAMISS will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you. However, if you choose to disable, reject or block our cookies, some parts of our websites will not function fully or, in some cases, our website will not be accessible at all. For more information on how to control your cookie settings and browser settings or how to delete cookies from your hard drive, please visit